How it Works

  • Keep your child close. When your child and Angel AlertTM tag go out of a preset range, the app alerts you with sound, vibration and/or flashing lights.
  • No more hide & seek…locate lost items quickly & easily! Press the Angel AlertTM icon in the app; Angel AlertTM tag rings to help you find your keys or whatever item it is connected to.
  • No more misplacing your phone! Press the button on the Angel AlertTM tag to find your phone; phone rings.
  • Instantly find your precious items by following the map and disconnection point using the lost location history in the app. When the connection is broken, Angel AlertTM app will add a pushpin on the map with the last GPS location.
  • Simply Selfie! No more not being ready when the timer runs out, or not being able to reach far enough to get everyone in the selfie. Angel AlertTM controls your phone’s camera like a remote…Simply take photos & videos by tapping the Angel AlertTM tag button!

It’s Easy to Track Your Precious Items

Angel AlertTM works with Bluetooth ready smartphones by communicating through a free, downloadable, easy-to-use application with customizable settings (ringtones, alarm distance of 10’- 60’, quiet times and more.)